And our standard answer is…….”Would you like for there to be?????”


Haunted Grey Swan Inn 002 (2)

Jim and I have never seen, smell, felt, or heard the presence of a ghost but the grandson of the original owner once asked us “Have you met him yet?”  Of course, we then had to know more.  He shared that someone had died in the house on the second floor and his spirit was seen walking in the second floor hallway by several family members.

Another local visitor came to inn to see the previous innkeeper and could smell blueberry muffins baking.  She was so pleased for the treat of muffins during her visit, but the innkeeper said she was not baking nor had she recently. Where did that smell come from and why did only that visitor experience the smell?

Our last incident (that we’re aware of) is a guest said she felt the presence of a child spirit in her room that seemed to be attracted to a piece of furniture which is a family piece.  The spirit would come and go at will.  Curious, isn’t it?!